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The Backyard Bees Story


Queen Bees

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See OC Register article on Backyard Bees! http://www.ocregister.com/video/c/1125998380/news/2149040008001/news-bees-business


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Backyard Bees was founded by two women gardeners and food lovers. Janet Andrews began keeping honeybees after finding them in her attic. She came up with the idea of keeping the bees in neighbors' backyards after finding out that her grandson was allergic to bee stings. She learned beekeeping from an old time local keeper, from books and by trial and error. Soon she began managing her own hives,formulating beeswax lotion recipes and sharing local honey with friends and family.Kelly Yrarrazaval found honeybees in the fence surrounding her backyard garden. She fell in love with the hive but was worried that her neighbor would exterminate them. She heard about "The Bee Lady" through friends and that is when she met Janet. She put on a bee suit with Janet and the two rescued their first hive together. The two kept the bees going in a hive box and began rescuing, beekeeping, and making beeswax products.

When news about Colony Collapse Disorder and the world wide honeybee crisis, hit the news stands. A reporter from the O.C. Weekly heard about these two urban bee rescuers and decided to follow them. The story he wrote made the cover! Soon the buzz reached the front page of the Orange County Register. Janet and Kelly were overwhelmed with calls from Orange County residents and businesses who did not want to exterminate their honeybees.

Backyard Bees Honeybee Rescue and Local Honey turned into a successful eco business.

Today, Backyard Bees keeps over 100 rescued hives from San Clemente to Fullerton. We provide people with pure, unfiltered, treatment free honey. We never treat our hives and believe in letting the bees take care of their own...well...beeswax!

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